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How to Create a Press Release for Advertising (Free Template + Sample)

A press release is a vital tool in order to get the words out about for your clients and even for your personal business. But it will not require you to become a professional in order to write your own press release article. It is just a matter of managing your personal campaign of public relations, then writing this kind of article will be very quick and easy for you. If you have received news in terms of service, company, or product, this is already the start to experience your power to write your own press release.

But, press releases are not only for updates on day to day happenings around or for controversial news. Such kind of articles can be considered helpful for advertisement. Simply because the press release is a one or two-page document, which is used in order to call the attention of people towards your company as well as its offered products and services. This is written in formulaic manners for a very good purpose.

Writing a press release will only require for simplicity with simple formatting as well and expected places for times, dates, and headlines. This is in order to make the job of every journalist easy. As you obtain this, you have a greater chance of getting coverage in a magazine, newspaper, news broadcast, and even on a website. Knowing these things will require you to learn the importance of and the things needed to consider in writing a press release for advertising before starting, submitting your press release.

Enjoy a free press release template to get you started at the end of this article. Cheers!

To give you some tips to consider when writing a press release for advertising, you may check out the following:

Writing Genuine Headline

Your headline should be clear, brief, and direct to the point while giving the ultra-compact form of the key point of your press release. Most PR professionals recommend writers to write their headlines at the bottom or after the release is done. If you consider following such format, continue while coming back to write your headline by the time that everything is done. You need to understand that the headline will serve as an eye-catcher, which is highly valuable for the entire press release.

Writing Body Copy

Your press release must be written just as you would like it to show in the news story. You need to bear in mind that most of the journalists are too busy and without having enough time in researching for the big announcement of your company. This is highly needed for everything that you will write your press release for advertising. To give you the necessary guidance, you may consider the following:

  • Begin with city and date as to where the PR originates, thus, the city can be omitted if it will bring confusion.
  • The first sentence or lead must catch the attention of the reader and concisely state the real happening. The next sentences must expand and support upon your press release lead.
  • The body copy of your press release must be compact. Never use very long paragraphs and sentences together with overuse as well as repetition of jargon and fancy language. Achieve simple words and be sure to rid from committing wasted words.
  • Your first paragraph should summarize the entire press release while the other or succeeding paragraphs should elaborate everything written on it. This should generate the interest of your reader to keep on reading to your entire press release article
  • Consider actual facts such as products, events, people, services, goals, targets, projects, and plans. You may consider providing a maximum use for the concrete facts.

Clearly Communicating the 5 W’s and 1 H

This must tell everything the reader about the entire press release. Try to consider the checklist below to obtain the proper guidance of the context of this idea:

  • Who is this about?
  • What is the real news?
  • When does the event happen?
  • Where does the event take place?
  • Why is it considered as news?
  • How is this happening?
  • Make it brief as well as direct to the point. If you are planning to send for a hard copy, you may consider following a double-spaced format.
  • The more newsworthy your PR is, the better your chances to be selected by the journalist for your report.

Crisp, Clean, and Applicable Press Release Article

It is important to write an article, which is already ready for press as much as possible. As you editor looks at your written article, he or she will think about how long they will take them to print it. Well, if your press release has many errors, needs revision, or it lacks content, then they will just waste their time. Try using Grammarly to help you with these types of mistakes. So, be sure that you properly observed good grammar while following the basics of writing about it. You also need to consider giving the right news piece to the right people at the right time, which is preferably every morning.

Tying Everything Together

Provide some important links to information that will support the press release intended for advertising. If you are not sure about the information you have written in your article, you may consider researching for more accurate information.

There are countless ways as to how you can write a press release for advertising, but the above-mentioned facts will definitely make it easier for you to write such kind of article. It is just a matter of following those things while being careful about every piece of information you will use in your article. If you are just a newbie in this field of writing, this article will surely be of great help to you. But even though you are already familiar with this, you may consider everything written on it helpful in improving your manner of writing press release articles intended for advertising.

Doing this will definitely bring fulfillment to your life while enhancing your skills. Also, it is important to generate money thru engaging in online marketing. What Is Online Marketing? 7 Amazing Strategies To Understand Online Marketing

Download Your Free Press Release Template Now

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