How to Use Facebook to Increase Brand Identity

How to Use Facebook to Increase Brand Identity

Every business leader knows that social media marketing campaigns can boost the success of his or her enterprise.

Facebook is widely considered as one of the most popular social networking sites.

It is also one of the sites on which great social media marketing campaigns can be conducted.

In order to stand out from the thousands of other businesses using Facebook as part of brand identity efforts, business leaders must carefully review and fine-tune their Facebook strategies.

Keep the following tips in mind when using Facebook as part of your company’s brand identity campaign.

Start with Great Graphic Design

In order to build a brand, you need more than just great products and services.

You also need a well-designed logo and marketing material that speaks to your brand’s style and integrity.

If you run a start-up, be sure that you’ve had a logo designed before you begin social media marketing efforts.

You should aim for a logo that is clean, crisp and can be easily remembered by consumers.

Be sure to stick with color schemes that compliment your logo when designing your social networking profiles.

Crowdsource Advertising Ideas

One of the best ways to get consumers involved with your company and to boost brand recognition is to ask them to help determine your brand’s identity.

You can use the crowdsourcing method to better understand the demands of your consumers and to shape your brand identity to meet those demands.

Put simply, when you crowdsource something, you’ll be asking your Facebook followers to come up with advertising ideas in a collaborative fashion.

Use consumer-crafted advertising ideas to refine and strengthen brand identity.

Support Social Causes

Products or services are central to your brand. However, it’s important that consumers see beyond what you make or do to who you are as a brand.

You can help consumers understand what drives your brand by supporting social causes.

For example, if you run a pet food company, you might want to support a charity that rescues abused animals.

Identifying your brand with efforts to better the lives of people and animals and to save the planet is a great way to build brand esteem.

Offer Value-Added Status Updates

You should never post a status update unless you are sure it adds value to your brand identity efforts.

Avoid rambling, overly philosophical posts unless they are directly related to your products or services.

Make sure that each post communicates essential information about your company and your products.

When launching a new product line, be sure to provide plenty of teasers prior to the big release date.

Consumers love following a campaign that makes them guess.

Involve Real Employees

Your brand is more than just the things you sell. Your brand is composed of real, live people.

Be sure to actively involve your employees in your Internet-based branding efforts.

Ask employees to write blogs or to make videos about why working at your company is so great.

Consumers enjoy being able to identify with the people who make their favorite products.

Avoid choosing only executives to feature in branding materials. Instead, highlight the average worker to create a strong brand identity and win consumer support.

Facebook provides a wealth of opportunities for business leaders who want to build a solid brand identity.

By using a few simple tactics and staying focused on overall brand messaging, any business leader can use this great tool to boost brand identity.

Remember that social media marketing campaigns will be most successful if you find ways to connect with your consumers on a human level.

Author Bio: Rick Sarouk is a marketing director and web designer with more than 8 years of experience. He currently writes and markets for and other large brand advertisers such as Verizon, Expedia, and many others. He currently promotes and reports for AT&T on their uverse coupon related news and offers.