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Where To Get Free Stock Photos And Free Images For My Blog And Website

Photos are essential for all your graphic design services and with issues dealing with copyright becoming worse, you need to now consider using images that are royalty-free for the project you are doing. This is because you want to keep your work free from any type of infringement and partly because of the budget.

The following are websites where you can get free stock photos and royalty free images. Some of the sites may require that you credit the owner of the photographs or attribute the site:

1. FreePixels

This is a site that has more than five thousand photos and provides free high resolution photos which can be used with your personal or commercial projects. No registration is required for you to access the photos.

2. PicJumbo

This site began in November 2013 and has a goal of giving out free photos so that designers can use them.

3. RGBStock

This website has a large number of free and high quality photos. There are also free graphics for illustrations, backgrounds or wallpapers. They have an image license agreement .

4. Photl

This website has numerous photos on their website which are scattered over sixty five categories. These free images are only supposed to be used for personal use only.

5. Alegriphotos

This website provides photos for commercial and personal use under a creative common license. There images can be accessed without registration.

6. Digital Dreamer

This website is a free graphic design resource for those in the design industry. The photos are free and you can use them for any type of project, including the commercial projects. However you are not allowed to redistribute their photos or use them for offending projects like pornography.

7. Turbo Photo

The free photos available here are categorized in ten different categories which include animals, activities, cities, landscapes and food among many others. When using their photos you must credit link them back to the Turbo Photo.

8. Death To The Stock Photo

This website has a unique way of providing photos as all that is required is that you subscribe to the website and you will receive monthly free photos in your email inbox. The goal of this website is to rid the world of bad photography.

9. Studio 25

To download the site’s free photos, you will need to sign up for a free account on the site.

10. FreeImages

This is a hub for photographers where they share their stock photos where anyone is allowed to download and use for free. You must sign up in order to download the photos. However if you desire to use any photo for commercial reasons, it is important that you contact the photographer of the photo first.

11. StockMedia

This is a free creative common photo website which provides graphics and photos that you can use in any of your design related projects. To get access to the many photos on the website, you will need to sign up for free.

12. Pixabay

The photos on this website are free and licensed by the creative commons public domain.

13. PhotoEverywhere

This is a site that specializes in stock photos that are related to travel.

14. LibreStock

This website aggregates multiple websites that you can use these photos for your projects whether it is for the web or print. Just read the license agreements.

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