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7 Best True Facts About Graphic Design Costs

For business owners who are looking to create a logo, brochure, flyer, or other marketing materials to use in their marketing efforts, hiring a professional graphic designer is the best option.

While the digital age has made it easier for people to create their own materials online, the graphic design cost is well worth hiring a professional to do the job.

This is because standing out from the competition while making an appealing marketing material design is one of the keys to success.

However, you should consider the costs that go into creating the type of marketing materials that you want.

Here are the seven best true facts about graphic design costs and how they affect your decision of what you want and who to hire.

Know What You Want

The single best way to reduce the cost of hiring a graphic designer or graphic design studio is knowing what your project will be.

This means working out all elements of the project, whether it is to be an ad, flyer, brochure, logo, or some other form of custom marketing material.

Everyone who has input should be consulted directly and all issues ironed out before you hire a graphic designer or graphic design studio.

This is because the less you know about what you want, the more it will cost you to shoulder that burden onto the graphic designer.

Since their work is based on the time it will take for them to create it, the more work you pile onto them, the more time it will take for them to complete it.

So, work to lower the graphic design cost by doing as much as you can beforehand.

Flat Fee or Hourly Rate

Interestingly enough, while both forms of payment are considerably different, most graphic designers will still provide an overall estimate for the services they deliver.

In truth, you’ll find that both types of payment are really the same in the sense that it provides you with a clear estimate of what the cost will.

Plus, both will add to the cost if you ask for something beyond the original agreement.

In either case, you should be ready to pay the full amount once the work is completed to your satisfaction.

Remember that the designer or studio has the right to add to what is being charged if you ask for something beyond the original agreement, so keep that in mind whether they use a flat fee or hourly rate.


Expect to pay a deposit when you hire a graphic designer who has earned a reputation for producing quality work.

The deposit comes from experience as designers who have been working for a while have experienced customers that do not pay the full amount once the work is delivered.

The typical deposit is 50% of the total estimated cost or half now and half when completed.

The deposit separates those who are serious about getting high-quality work from those who want to rip off the designer.

So, you should expect to pay half up front for the service being provided.


Remember, you do have the power to negotiate their fee in terms of the services they provide.

This means that you may be able to make a better deal for yourself.

While some graphic designers and design studios will not negotiate, most will consider a reasonable offer.

This is especially true if you make some kind of concession that allows them to complete the work faster.

Or, if you want an additional service and are willing to pay for both.

Keep in mind that negotiating has its limits.

You are better off when making some kind of deal that is not far from the initial price that is offered or when asking for something additional for a lower price.

Logos Cost More

Logo design services is often a service unto itself and generally adds to the cost of the project you have in mind.

This is because unlike many other graphic designs for specific projects, a logo is something designed for last for many years.

When you look at successful businesses that have familiar logos, you’ll see that they change relatively little over time.

So, if you need a logo for your business, you may want to order that separately depending on your needs.

Or, you can see if the graphic designer will include that in a project for a reduced rate.

In any case, designed a logo takes a special skill to make it work over time.

Look for Discounts

You may be surprised that some graphic designers will offer discounts for their services but consider that there are times of the year when their business slows down.

If you have the luxury of time, you should try to gear your offers during the off-season, such as late winter or early fall and well away from the holidays.

You can check out the websites of graphic designers and graphic design studios to see when they are offering good package deals that can save you money.

Of course, many people do not have the luxury of time, so you may have to make other concessions to get what you want.

Being flexible helps.

Does Not Include Printing Costs

Do not get fooled into thinking that the graphic design cost will also include printing up the flyers, brochures, or other promotional marketing materials.

That is a separate cost which you will have to pay the printer.

While many graphic designers and graphic design studios work with specific printers as resellers which can save you money, recommend their services, and even put you in contact with them, their fees are not included in the cost.

But if you want to hire a printer directly after your graphic design is finished:

So, you will have to set up a budget for having what you need to be printed, which includes the number of units, the type and size of paper, and any additional cost such as folding.

You’ll need to keep this in mind when considering the cost of graphic design.

In the end, the basic facts about graphic design cost is that like most other businesses, it is driven by demand, reputation, quality, and materials.

The higher quality, customer service you want, the more you will have to pay, so be prepared when you are working with a graphic designer or graphic design studio about the costs of their services.

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