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Use Print Advertising In Your Marketing Strategy

Print advertising was king before the internet and now everyone is flocking to social media and online marketing.

This also means that print advertising to your customers will get you more noticed now that everyone is focused on digital media.

With so much popularity focusing on email marketing, websites, video, and mobile apps that all print advertising and direct mail have seen a decline over the years.

This doesn’t mean you should throw these traditional methods away.

You should embrace them and add them to the mix of your marketing solution.

In the past year, advertisers are coming back to print advertising in increasing droves.

They realize not everyone is online.

Still, most CEO’s and upper management don’t have online accounts such as Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

To reach these individuals you have to use offline creative advertising skills to get their attention.

A study by ATG found that nearly 80% of consumers use more than one advertising channel when purchasing and 25% use three or more channels.

An outstanding 78% said they use offline print catalogs to browse and discover new products and to visit a website.

Why use print advertising in your marketing mix?

1. Direct mail cuts through the clutter. Everyone looks at the mail and many people are intrigued what the offer is about. 5 Direct Mail Tips For Direct Marketing & Advertising

2. Catalogs are more effective and bringing them online is easier for your customers to make purchases.

3. Magazines are still popular today that gets people attention with the many glamorous ads.

4. Newspapers are still out there circulating. People still read them.

5. Brochures let people know what the products and services are about. It is a great piece of marketing material to leave after a sales pitch.

6. Newsletters are a great way to communicate with employees and happenings in your community.

These types of print advertising are not going away and are still very effective today.

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