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5 SEO Tips & Techniques To Avoid When Doing White Hat SEO

SEO tips & techniques to avoid so you can triple your search traffic when doing white hat SEO.

With recent updates from Google, it has become important for webmasters to pay special attention to the tactics that they use for ranking their sites.

Indeed, some SEO strategies that were yielding some great results in the past are now obsolete and worst, can turn out to be counter-productive.

In this article, we will be having a look at the latest SEO tips and techniques that should be avoided at all cost if you want your site to rank high in the search engines.

These tips are great for beginners and many advanced marketing users who can benefit from this as well. Check out these SEO tools for more success.

SEO Tips To Avoid

If you or your SEO partner did any of these tricks you must stop

1. Keyword Stuffing: this was common with the old SEO tacticians. It is where website content has so many keywords included in the content in order to help improve ranking.

It is where the writer includes a larger percentage of keywords or keyword density in the content than allowed for search engines and directories.

It is still being used by people for search engine optimization, but it is having a negative impact on the strategy.

This is because humans do not like it. It makes writers automatically compromises on the quality of the content written, which annoys readers.

The reader can see the efforts to include a lot of keywords when too little is being said. They form a negative attitude against this.

It is important to have content that people find enjoyable and which they like to read, and can link their sites too.

Keyword stuffing does not help in ranking because search engines are also taking initiatives against it.

They will penalize you for it. Today, the ranking is also based on a variety of aspects, not just keywords.

2. Hidden text: this is where some keywords (usually stuffed) are included on the website but cannot be seen by visitors.

Only search engine web crawlers can detect them. In most cases, these words are of the same color as the background.

They are also mostly inserted at the bottom of the page. This is usually done by webmasters.

Today, search engines are using techniques to detect those using hidden texts and are penalizing them.

In fact, sites and search engines such as Yahoo and Google penalize offenders by banning them from their engines.

3. Cloaking: this is a technique where one creates an extra set or version of his/her web pages.

One version is served to search engines and the other to readers.
The difference is the keyword density on the two. The one served to search engines is stuffed with keywords.

However, the one supplied to readers has the right number of keywords. This trick has the same impact as keyword stuffing discussed above.

4. Content scraping: this is a trick where someone avoids generating original content for his/her website and, instead, takes content from another site.

There is special software used to search for the appropriate desired content in the desired category.

The software then compiles it to make it easy to be inserted into the website of the person stealing the content.

5. Using irrelevant keywords: this is familiar among those who do not understand that getting huge traffic is not enough.

You must convert such huge traffic to act by purchasing the goods or services. Otherwise, such huge traffic is non-beneficial.

Illegal mechanisms to generate huge traffic include linking the website with many irrelevant words or including irrelevant words on the websites.

This wrong person on the site: meaning that such people do not find what they are looking for on your site.

This also compromises the quality of a website and the latter does not get a high ranking as it would with relevant words.

If you are looking for more in the way of local SEO tips no need to worry we have articles to get you started.  11 Local SEO Tips for Better Search Engine Results

This article has been written by Kim Watson.

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