We all get writer’s block sometimes (for some of us it seems like a constant battle).

Novelists, nonfiction writers, Tumblr users, or serious bloggers all experience this insurmountable terror every once in a while.

Or is it so terrible? For bloggers, there might just be a way to shake off the grip of writer’s block.

If you’re having trouble generating quality, SEO-friendly blog content, you have options.

There are handfuls of websites out there that help with just this issue.

Websites like Inbound Now. com help bloggers think up great content by generating SEO-optimized blog post titles.

These titles should spur your creative flow and give you something great to write about.

Even if you aren’t interested in SEO optimization, these topics should give you something useful to create.

And there’s never anything wrong with SEO, even if your blog is not all about that.

What Is SEO?

If you’ve come to this article, you probably have some idea what SEO is.

But in case you don’t, I will define it below.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a technique used by content writers and bloggers to draw in traffic to their page.

It helps attract non-paid views by making “clickable” content. It also helps your website or webpage move to the top of the list on Google searches.

Overall, even for thriving businesses and popular websites, SEO optimization is essential and extremely helpful for anyone.

Examples of SEO optimized content: “clickable” titles, such as ones following a certain formula, like “How to (blank) in just (number) few steps,” or “This one weird trick to (blank),” and “(Number) Tips To (blank) your (blank).” Other helpful formats include a question — like “Have You Ever Wondered?” followed by the promise of an explanation (to be described in the article). Another aspect of SEO optimization is keywords.

Writers should strategically place keywords related to their article throughout the work, repeatedly but not in an overly obvious way.

This keyword or keywords should help draw people to your article — but targeting things they would most likely search that your article would answer or address.

Other Generators

Hub Spot has another great generator, called Hub Spot’s Blog Topic Generator (understandably).

With it, you don’t just get a random title format, as with Inbound Now (which is still a viable option); you put in a few nouns such as “harassment,” and it generates such titles as “14 Common Misconceptions About Harassment.”

The algorithm isn’t perfect, and you won’t get the perfect title every time; for example, I can’t imagine writing “5 Tools Everyone in the harassment Industry Should Be Using,” but this tool or any other topic generator tool should help spur on your writing and shake off the spell of writer’s block.