During these uncertain plagued times, it is important to separate myths from reality when it comes to marketing. While many experts continue to advise companies to increase their marketing push, many companies do not have that option. When times are tight, it is important to get as much as you can out of every marketing dollar spent. Let’s take a moment to debunk some of the most prevalent marketing myths.

  1. All Marketing Is Good Marketing.This is one of the most repeated slogans in the marketing world, despite the lack of truth to it. The reality is that marketing costs a business money and when it does not deliver results, that is money that is unable to be used for any other functions. Unless marketing is done intelligently, you are essentially throwing money out of the window.
  2. There Are Iron Clad Rules To Great Marketing.Experts will claim that there are specific rules that your business should follow if they wish to partake in effective marketing practices. Whether it’s spending a certain percentage of gross revenue or sending out a predetermined amount of mail to potential customers, throw everything you know out of the window.The best marketers all have the same thing in common: they think outside of the box. By not adhering to the “rules”, you can blaze your own trail and create a marketing program that gets your point across without crossing the same tired terrain.
  3. Marketing Is The Same As Advertising.Not even close. Advertising relies on the purchase of time or space by a company that wishes to send a message to as many people as they can. Marketing, on the other hand, is when a business makes a sincere effort to build a message that speaks to people, instead of at people. Advertising can be a part of a marketing campaign, but does not have to be.
  4. My Business Is Already Doing Well.Another refrain you will hear from business executives is that their business is already prospering, so there is no need for a marketing plan. However, circumstances change quickly in the world of business. You could have a client change locations or lose market share to a newer, more enterprising competitor. It helps to always be ready, so that way, you never have to get ready.
  5. But I Have A Social Media Presence!Yes, you have company accounts on Facebook and Twitter. But what purpose are these accounts truly serving? Unless your customers are able to feel like they can reach out and touch you, then all of the social media accounts in the world will not make a difference. If you’re dipping your toes into these waters, having fresh, original, interactive content is the only way to separate yourself from the pack.