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How do I hire a Freelance Graphic Designer?
Here Are 9 Best Ways

Taking your online business in the right direction often means hiring the best freelance graphic designer available.

However, finding one that meets your needs while staying within your budget can be difficult unless you know how to reach the right one.

This is because many independent freelance graphic designers have their own websites, so unless you know their name, or they make it easy for you to find, you may not be able to get the best one available.

The good news is that finding the right freelance graphic designer is easier than you might think if you know how to look. Here are the nine best ways to find the right designer for your needs.


The first and perhaps easiest way to find the right graphic designer is through recommendations that come from trusted sources.

Preferably, you’ll want recommendations from those in your industry or similar businesses that have received the type of service you want for your online business.

Although you may find the perfect graphic designer quickly, in most cases recommendations are the first step towards hiring the designer that works best for your needs.

Hire Them

This may be an approach that is so obvious, you may not have thought about it.

Many businesses hire freelance designers directly, so why not you? You can post it on your website and in various employment sites which will get the attention of many designers.

Plus, you can elaborate on your site the exact product, parameters, and expectations without limit.

Another advantage is that those who do show interest usually are invested in your industry, so that is a win-win for both of you.

Post an Ad on Job Search Boards

The old-fashioned means of finding freelancers was placing ads in local newspapers.

Today, you can place ads on job search boards online and get plenty of responses from qualified freelance graphic designers.

This old-fashioned approach can yield excellent results, especially if you can outline the project you have in mind.

While some may argue that job boards and crowdsourcing sites are similar, the approach is quite different.

Post an Ad on Pinterest

Unlike many other social media sites, Pinterest is virtually geared towards attracting graphic designers.

Having a strong social presence on Pinterest means that you can better find the right designer for your needs.

Plus, it will give the graphic designer an idea about your business and what is needed to improve your standing.

Posting an ad will draw the attention of those who are best suited for the work you need to be accomplished.

Crowdsourcing Sites

Almost as easy as recommendations are crowdsourcing sites where many excellent graphic designers will offer their services.

There are many crowdsourcing sites to choose from, so you can look through a great number of designers quickly and easily.

There are some sites that allow you to bid for a designer to do a project while others let you work on a more competitive basis.

The bidding system lets you find someone who fits your budget while still delivering the services that you need.

Facebook & LinkedIn

There are certain social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn which are perfect places to get the attention of freelance graphic designers.

Facebook is an excellent site for both personal and professional uses while LinkedIn was built for professionals looking to hire others for jobs.

You will need to outline what you want and understand how to best use the social media site. This will mean having your business on such sites to use them effectively.

Traditional Sources

If you do not have the budget to hire a well-established graphic design firm, you may be able to hire someone that they use on a freelance basis.

Quite often, freelancers fill out the work done by larger firms when they take on big projects.

This is how many freelancers get the experience to then tackle bigger projects on their own.

So, if you cannot hire big companies, get a recommendation from them if possible about who they hire when they need help.


If you have good relations with another online business and they are hiring a freelance graphic designer, you might be able to go in with the same.

This means combining your resources to help pay for the work needed while saving money overall.

A package deal may help you find an excellent designer and have them do the work for less cost.

This will require some negotiations, but you may find yourself with the right services for a lower price.

If that does not work out, at least you have information about a graphic designer, their costs, and what they can accomplish.

This may not help you now, but in the future when you need graphic work done for your site.

Also, they may be able to recommend someone they trust to help you with your site depending on the work that is needed to be done.

Colleges & Universities

If budget is a real concern, then you might try to hire a graphic designer who has just completed their formal education at Pratt Institute.

They have the talent, but they do not have the experience which you can provide.

You should limit this role to having changes made to your website or other, smaller tasks that can provide them with the experience needed while protecting your interests.

However, if they demonstrate a real talent for the job, you may wind up with an excellent graphic designer for a low price.

In the end, it’s not just about finding a freelance graphic designer, but one who offers the services you need while being affordably priced.

So, take your time in finding the right one as they can really enhance your online business through the impressive graphics they create and the website their talent will bring out.

By helping your website stand apart from the competition, you’ll gain the edge needed to draw in new customers which is why finding the right freelance graphic designer is so important.

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