How to Start a Blog Contest

Are you thinking about starting a blog to share your passions in life?

You can start a blog for the promotion of your business as well.

Blogging is free and inexpensive and you can get started in seconds by creating a blog on a site like Blogger or Word Press.

You can choose how you might want to help people and you have to know your subject area.

Focus on topics more narrowly so you provide a clear concept.

You can teach about a passion you have, provided the latest news and tends, write a fictional blog about future technology, help people laugh and inspire others.

There are subjects that you should not blog about which are your employees, workplace, co-workers and family members.

People are sensitive and make take a dim view of anything on your blog that exposes their personal lives.

Don’t blog to make fun of people or cause trouble for others.

Remember you have to know your limits.

If you are planning on a blog contest, then you must spy on the competition.

Look at other blogs on the topic you choose to see what others are doing.

What can you offer that is different from everyone else?

Target your niche audience because that distinguishes your blog from other people.

Remember to create a name for your blog and brainstorm a list of names and write everything on a piece of paper.

Get ideas from family and friends for a contest.  Try free writing to see what you can create using your mind.

Research keywords related to your subject to help people find your blog.

Include items that are relevant to your topic in an appropriate field so people can search by a word or key phrase.

There are many websites that let bloggers create links and information about blog contests.

These contests offer exposure and high traffic volume.

Some websites allow you to submit the contest for free without any requirements.

You don’t have to publish links or badges on your blog contest.

Here are some tips on blog contests for free exposure and promotions.

Rafflecopter offers online sweepstakes, blog contests, and offers.

Then you can register and start a new contest with the details.

There are many contests that bloggers can choose to create online with a quick online search.

Some are for sweepstakes but the information is simple and easy to use in the majority of these contests.

You just have to find a site that allows you to create a contest by registering and starting your new contest you are about to create.

This is a fun way to get traffic to view your contest.