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Using WordPress? How to fix slow website loading times.

Like most small businesses out there they want to create a Website by themselves by trying to save a few dollars but you are actually losing more money by having a slow loading website.

Millions of businesses use WordPress for their website but right out of the box it can be a slow loading website.

We transitioned to a theme to use the multifunctional tools that WordPress has to offer to make our website.

When we first brought over all our pages it was a smooth process then after awhile our Website started to slow down a little at a time.

Back end admin area was just as slow not even slower.

Our home page load time was 8 seconds or more and we had nothing on our homepage.

We put in numerous calls to the hosting company thought the servers were super slow.

Told us we had bad plugins or too many plugins which are a passive answer.

Time and time again we were told that everything is fine.

We went to blogs, forums and everything in between to find what the heck was going on. So frustrated…

Low and behold we found the solution to the slow website loading times. It was so simple just follows these easy steps and your WordPress theme speed will go lightning fast.

With a few of the right plugins, our Website now loads in under 1 sec.

How to speed up loading times using WordPress

1. Make sure all your graphics are sized correctly. Always use low resolution 72 dpi images to optimize graphics to gif, png or jpg for your sites. High resolution 300 dpi images are meant for printing and print material.

2. Use the right plugins to speed up your page and protect it.

– Wordfence Security

– WP Smush

– WP Fastest Cache – use free CDN available inside the tab option

– WP-Optimize

– PHP Settings – php.ini file or follow these steps How to Increase the Maximum Upload and PHP Memory Limit

3. Purchase a VPS hosting solution or dedicated server shared hosting slows a website down.

4. Go to your hosting cPanel and click optimize Website

How to fix slow website loading times not using WordPress

1. Make sure all your graphics are sized correctly. Always optimize graphics to gif, png or jpg.

2. CDN

3. Purchase a VPS hosting solution or dedicated server

4. Go to your hosting cPanel  and click optimize Website

That is about it. Once all the correct settings are done your Website will be lighting fast.

Check out for Website performance.

Put in your website address into GTmetix and you’ll see for yourself.

This is the simplest and best thing to do to capture more leads.

Visitors leave while waiting for slow Website loading.

Sites should load within 2 seconds.

Don’t leave money on the table fix the slow website speed problem.

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