Brochure Design Costs

5 Things About Brochure Design Costs That You Did Not Know

Despite moving into the digital age for marketing, most companies still rely on the old-fashioned brochure for marketing materials to help sell their products and boost their business brand.

A glossy brochure can generate more sales and do so in a manner that lasts longer than many traditional advertising methods.

The advantages of having this form of marketing are considerable, but is it truly worth the brochure design costs?

Here are five things about creating a brochure that you may not know about in terms of costing you more money.

You will need to understand all the costs that go into making a brochure to ensure that you have the budget necessary to get what you want.

Hiring a Graphic Designer

Preferably, you’ll want to hire a graphic designer that specializes in creating brochures.

It’s also a big plus if they are familiar with your industry and have made brochures for your competitors.

While you don’t want them to copy what they have done for others, you do want their insight in creating a brochure that appeals to your potential customers.

However, hiring the right experienced graphic designer like us you might think it will cost more upfront initially but in the long term, you will be saving a lot of time and costs.

While the digital age has made creating brochures easier, you will still have to pay a specific rate the the designer will charge.

For a typical brochure, you may pay an hourly rate, or a flat rate depending on just how much goes into the publication.

You can add even more money if they do a logo design or have to do additional work that falls outside of their normal services.

Professional Photographer

Another cost you may not have considered is the professional photographer needed to take the photos of the products or services you offer.

Product photography is a specialized skill, meaning that you may have to hire one directly or through the graphic designer that you hire to create the brochure.

Remember that potential customers want to see the products or services you provide, so you will need good, high-quality photographs to augment your brochure.

Like graphic designers, product photographers charge an hourly rate.

However, many do offer package services which means that they will take a certain number of photos depending on the circumstances for a flat fee.

Depending on the size of your product, they may be able to take most, if not all the photos needed in one place which means that you can save money.

Making Changes Can Cost You

Even if you receive an estimate or general cost about how much it will cost, one of the hidden or less understood fees are the corrections that you will make.

A graphic designer will most often charge to make changes to the brochure, even if what they do is relatively minor.

This is because they still have to do the work just like in designing and creating the product in the first place.

This means that every alteration will be accounted for in the brochure design cost which may drive up the price to the hundreds of dollars, if not more depending on what needs to be changed.

While virtually every brochure will undergo some type of changes, the less that happens, the less you will be charged.

Therefore, it pays to spend your time in the planning stages, even before you hire the designer to ensure that what you want gets put into the brochure.

Just like in scripting a movie, fewer changes are made when you can overcome issues before the work is being done.

Plus, most designers will not charge for changes that need to be made because they didn’t follow or didn’t get right the original instructions.

So, the more you plan, discuss, and work out ahead of time, the fewer changes will need to be made.

Type of Paper

It may seem strange at first to think that different types of paper in terms of size and composition cost more money, but they do.

While most people understand that the higher quality paper is used, the more expensive it will be, the size of the paper will also dictate costs.

This is why you will see budget versions of the brochure design cost set by the size of the paper, even if it is the same quality.

Keep in mind that standard sizes, such as 8.5” x 11” are cheaper than other sizes but adding more folds may drive up the costs considerably.

A full-color, double-sided 8.5” x 11” brochure with no folds cost a fraction compared to a tri-fold paper of the same size.

Printing Costs

In most cases, printing costs are not included with the fee charged by the designer.

This is because printing is usually performed by another company, although the designer may be able to recommend one that they have used before.

Printing costs can be quite sneaky in terms of each little thing that needs to be added drives up the price.

  • 4 Colors CMYK are standard
  • If you add PMS Pantone color or a 5th, 6th color the higher the price you will pay
  • Number of Brochures Printed
  • Type of Paper

So, you’ll need to bear that in mind when you are creating the brochure.

Many printers will have a four-color package or discounted rate for each page that does not exceed a pre-set number of colors.

In addition, the more you print, the less you pay for each brochure, but you are still paying a higher price.

Know how many need to be printed first to set your budget.

Finally, the type of brochure or project may also drive up the price even further.

This means something that makes it unique or unusual means higher printing costs, even when putting the brochure together.

In the end, the brochure design cost is something that you will need to consider carefully before making the commitment.

After all, there may be other methods that better sell your products or boost your business brand compared to the brochure.

Yet, it is also true that brochures remain one of the few strong selling points that most companies can use repeatedly for sales purposes.

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