9 Steps to Get More Acquaintance Over Pinnable Pinterest Pins

9 Steps to Get More Acquaintance Over Pinnable Pinterest Pins

Pinterest is a popular visual discovery tool, which is generally used to collect ideas for several projects and their interests. It is now most considerable strategy for marketers. People create and share collections of visual bookmarks that they use for planning trips and projects, save articles, organize events, and recipes. Here, collection is called ‘boards’ and visual bookmarks are called ‘Pins’. This tool allows users to categorize images and save them on the basis of different boards. Additionally, if you have similar tastes, then you can also follow other user’s boards. The common categories are: art, craft, home, food, and fashion/style.

The development of Pinterest began in December 2009 and completed in March 2010. The founder of this tool, Ben Silbermann said that he personally wrote to the site for first 5,000 users and offered them his personal contact number and even met with some of the users. Nine months after the launch, this website got 10,000 users. The last, but not the least update in Pinterest app for iPhone in March 2013.

According to the recent studies, Pinterest is driving three times more website traffic as compare to twitter and more traffic than other social media sites such as LinkedIn, Reddit combined. In order to getting re-pins, it is necessary that your business should be actively pursuing likes, shares and comments, means people can send their pin to another Pinterest user.

How can you ensure that your business will get optimum sharing, liking and commenting through the pins that you are posting? To get the best solution, focus on these 9 steps, let’s take a look:

Build easy to share Pins

If you have an e-commerce site, then optimize all the images that are available at your blog and website, so that it can be pinned easily. Never use the name of Pinterest images like ‘Photo1’ or ‘Download3’, always use descriptive language and label for your image, which you would like to be pinned. It will help you drive traffic to your site and entice people to click on it. The accurately descriptive images are also helped in acquiring the optimum result.

Develop Unique Pin designs

Interesting thing is “80% of pins” on Pinterest are re-pins. This means that re-pins are more popular these days. It can be the great method for falling out your boards, curating resources, and building relationships, but these are unable to increase the desired blog or website traffic.

To battle this issue, develop and upload unique pins in your site and make sure that the added URL is right and easy to search. Even, you can upload original pins or graphics and edit them yourself.

Maintain Size of Pins

600 pixel is the maximum size of pins that means people can expand the size of pins till its maximum width. As per expert marketers, images less than 300×300 pixels are too small and they need to get stretched out. The pins with high-quality are big enough for Pinterest.

Be colorful

The colorful images are capable to get more engagement. That’s why, colorful pins are used with multiple colors and opposed to black and white images.

Think Intrigue

Design pins in such a manner to attract visitors and increase their curiosity to click on your pins. You can use white eye-catching and bold headlines that compel visitors to click.

Use text overlap images

Put text over images to make its design stand alone. Use some free editing site to edit images and add text onto existing photos.

Prefer to use Hashtag sparingly

Hashtags are the great way to organize content effectively over the social networks as well as to discover the newest pin boards and pinners. Make sure that your pins are being found for the desired topic, which is related to you, then you need to just include hashtags in your pins’ descriptions.

You can even use hashtags on Pinterest same as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This is the best way to filter pins that are related to your topic. Keep in mind, a good and professional hashtag must short, popular, relevant and memorable.

Keep short descriptions

According to the conducted research by social media scientist Dan Zarrella, pins with 200 words short descriptions receive more traffic and re-pins than too long descriptions.

Try to manage vertical

Pinterest doesn’t limit the length of pins and you can make pins as long as you want, but remember that people may not like to scroll down till the end to find the information. Thus, limit the length to 50,000 pixels.


Get appreciation in terms of money and popularity for your online business (website or blog) via pinterest pins and get more traffic in any short of time. Consider the above-mentioned guidelines and implement in your website /blog’s design.