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Promotional Products – 5 Ways To Grow Your Business With

Promotional products are the foremost essential way to keep in mind that your brand is everything for your business.

Your brand is the welcome mat to potential customers, and through building up your brand name in offline marketing, as well as online exposure, you will potentially be able to reach more customers and clients.

History speaks for itself. Small businesses and companies have used customer promotional products for years in order to help in promoting brand awareness at trade shows, events, conferences and sales tactics.

Promotional products are a great way of expressing gratitude to the existing customers and for increasing your brand’s visibility and reach.

If you are a business owner, you are most probably thinking about knowing that promotional products will be good for your business.

However, how are you going to know which ones to select? With lots of products to select from, it may be stressful and time-consuming to try selecting a product that will be efficient in expressing appreciation and attracting customers.

These marketing strategies have a number of unique ways to help brand marketers to attain their goals. Here are some of the many ways to boost your business.

Promotional Products are a 24/7 Sales Person

1. Memorability – Promotional products enjoy outstanding memorability. In accordance to the PAA, there are 76% of people, who own promotional products that remember the details of the promotion wherein they have received the items, the brand promoted, or the company, and several contact details like phone numbers.

The high memorability of the brand is essential in recognizing the brand.

As soon as someone remembers a brand, it will make it easier for them to ask for this suggests it to someone by name.

Keep in mind that brand marketing is about securing the mind share of prospective customers and current customers before they will be able to talk about the market share.

2. Acceptability – Most of the brand marketing messages, especially advertisements are being viewed as interruptive and therefore, they are being viewed negatively.

In the situation of TV marketing, the viewers are using remote controlled devices to change channels in order to move away from advertisements.

In print publications, advertisements, readers will flip past full-page display advertisements if they are feeling that they stand in their reading way; not so with the promotional products because they are enjoying a higher level of acceptance as compared to most brand marketing methods.

It is human nature to accept something given away free of charge, thereby, the higher level of acceptance by the customer.

3. Affordability – Advertising and any other types of brand marketing do not often come inexpensively.

It has been driven by the high costs of advertising and media.

The cost is so high since most of the local newspapers are nationally distributed. For startup businesses, a few hundred dollars can purchase branded coffee mugs to be given to their top customers as a way to strengthen their relationships.

Therefore, promotional products are more practical and cost effective, especially for small businesses that do not usually have big marketing budgets.

4. Message durability – Depending on the quality and type of a promotional item, the marketing messages on promotional items last much longer as compared to those carried in other brand marketing communication media like electronic media and newspapers.

Print advertisements do not last more than one day for the newspaper edition that carries the message becomes obsolete as soon as the following day’s edition hit the streets.

Marketing messages of electronic media are transient in nature because listeners and viewers are not able to keep copies of the advertisements.

On the other hand, promotional products allow the message to last longer in the possession of the customers.

A branded thermal cup is providing a great example.

In winter, the receiver can use it in storing and carrying coffee to his office, and during summer, they can use it for storing ice coffee or something to their liking.

Every time he uses the thermal cup he is being reminded of the brand creating an emotional bond.

5. Improved customer opinion – It is only natural for people to think very well about other people who are doing great by them.

Gift giving is such a great deed. Similarly, the receivers of promotional products, no matter if it is current customers or prospective ones, are viewing distributors of the products brightly.

This gesture that they provide is very essential, as it contributes to future purchasing decisions, forming the basis for the word of mouth or mouse referrals.

While the receiver of promotional items is under no legal obligation to purchase the products or services of their benefactors, some of them will feel a moral obligation of returning the favor.

If they are happy with the experience that they got with the brand, it will be marking the start of a long relationship.

Manufacturers and distributors of promotional products often provide a large range of products to select from.

It makes it easier for the brand marketers to select products that can help them meet their marketing goals within their budgets.

It means that brand marketers will be able to choose products that vary in quality, depending on the types of their leads or customers.

Top quality leads will get the highest quality, most expensive and durable giveaways, whereas low-quality leads will get the lowest quality products, or they may get nothing.

Whether used as trade shows giveaways or sales promotion prizes, promotional products are a brand marketing method.

How To Be Effective At A Trade show

Therefore, they must not only be given away anyhow without appropriately strategizing in order to get maximum brand marketing mileage out of them.

One way to attain this is by making sure that the products are the highest quality.

A promotional product must be brandable.

A beautiful product wherein one’s logo cannot be printed will become a normal giveaway and will lose its promotional nature.

Brand marketers have to strive for products that last long in the hands of the receiver for extended brand exposure.

When planned and executed well, and with these 5 ways how it can boost business, promotional products are one of the most effective brand marketing method used today.

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