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8 Best Ways To Generate Leads from your Trade Show

Trade shows can be a great deal of overwhelming work.

But the most important thing to get out of your trade show booth is a stack of great leads.

How do you maximize the traffic to your trade show booth for those leads?

Well here are some tips that can help.

1.Your trade show booth needs to be designed by a professional

 2. Create clear message on the booth with a slogan

3. Have someone go around and hand out flyers to visit your booth at the event

4. Use a giveaway or a promotion (something hot like an iPad)

5. Always have a lead sheet available on the side

6. Don’t block your trade show booth with a table let people interact with you

7. Have a demo ready for your product

8. Use promotional items like a plastic bag with you logo on it for branding

Use these tips and strategies at your next trade show and you will come out ahead with great leads for your company.

Please share with us other proven ways how to generate leads for your trade show booth.



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