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How Business Testimonials Are A Hidden Source Of Potential Customers

A business testimonial consists of a person’s spoken or written statement which extols the virtue of a product. Knowing how to use business testimonials can easily multiply your profits as well as get your customers to sell your products on your behalf.

Testimonials help in knowing what people who have purchased or used your service or product think about it.

Business testimonials are a hidden source of potential customers when used right because:

– The testimonials in the form of reviews or comments from your satisfied customers can transform your sales pitch to a credible and unbiased recommendation for your product.

– They build trust because whether your customers are talking about the product and what it has done for them or the great service was given, they will be automatically telling your visitors about their positive experience with your company and products.

– Because testimonials are written by other people, they are not “salesy.” but will stand out as unbiased and candid accounts of how well your product worked.

– A good business testimonial helps overcome skepticism because of the power to convince even the visitors that are your “tough sell” that your service or product made a difference in someone’s life and therefore can help them too.

To make the testimonial effective, it is important to choose the right one using the following tips:

– A good testimonial is one that is filled with benefits because the visitors want to know exactly what the product can do.

– A business testimonial that is good should be one that substantiates your claims. It should be able to back up your promises and give actual facts as well as figures.

– The testimonial must come from someone that your audience can relate to so that they see that your product helped someone who is just like them.

– It is important that the business testimonial is accompanied by the first name, last name as well as hometown to show that these are from real people and are credible.

– A good testimonial shows the key benefits of your service or product.

The following are places you can put your testimonials for maximum impact:

  1. Include some of your best business testimonials on your homepage, contact us and landing page for higher conversions.
  1. Place other testimonials in the middle of the sales copy of your home page so that your readers can be focused on your credibility as they read the benefits and features of your product.
  1. Have a whole page dedicated to the best testimonials

Mistakes that should be avoided when using testimonials are:

– They should never be edited. Your testimonial should never exclude a comment or add any information that you want to hear. The comment should be posted “as is”

– Always ask customers to use their testimonials, never use without permission

– Never invent testimonials because this is fraud and may result in a negative impact on your business.

Finally, business testimonials on your website are one of the cheapest, powerful and easy-to-use marketing tools available to any business.

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