Why Use A CDN (Content Delivery Network)
To Boost Up Your Website Speed

If your website takes a lot of time loading, it will surely kill the stream of your revenue. However, there are some effective ways on how you can increase the loading speed of your website.

One of the most recommended effective solutions for this kind of problem is the CDN or the so-called Content Delivery Network.

It is one of the essential networks that geographically disperse the servers. Every CDN node catches the static content of your website design.

The use of the Content Delivery Network will allow your visitor in a certain area to get access to your page faster.

The speed will play a very prominent role in your search engine optimization as well as in your visitor retention and because of this, your CDN will look like a very appealing type of system.

There are lots of reasons why you need to use a Content Delivery Network. Aside from needing a good website design, it will improve the experience for your users which speed matters to search engines since you provide a better experience for your visitor visiting your website.

Even though your website is hosted in just a particular region, the majority of your visitor will come from different regions.

Content Delivery Network will not just ensure you have a faster experience for your website visitors but it will also help you prevent crashes on your website in the event of traffic surges.

This CDN will help you distribute the bandwidth across multiple servers and allow one server only to handle all the traffic.

Currently, more than 70 % of an entrepreneur who uses mobile devices have dropped sales from their website because of taking a long time to load.

Since there are lots of businesses that compete on the internet, people will prefer to buy elsewhere that have a faster loading site.

So due to this kind of scenario, your website design needs to load fast as it can ensure that your customer or visitor will buy your products and services and not from your competitor.

The pros of the Content Delivery Network

  • It will bring true redundancy. There are CDNs being developed to have a redundancy mind. It simply means that your website will remain online through the use of the copied caches if your website goes offline. Because of this, you will have a website design that can look for one hundred percent uptime. It is one of the great benefits you will receive that your visitor will consider.
  • Provides you great speed. Once you consider the use of a content delivery network, it will surely summarize the speed of loading of your own website. Since it has the specification of the server that is closer to the majority of your visitor, most of your web pages will now load in a very fast manner. However, it will depend upon the amount of traffic that you experience for your website that will contribute to the memory usage and CPU.

However, even though there are lots of things it provides its users, there are some people who doubt the use of CDN.

Since it shares information with different servers, they are not sure if it is safe to use. So, is Content Delivery safe to use?

Well, to answer this question it is very safe to use. Thus, it is very effective and can bring a real change to your website.

Since you are sharing your information on various servers in different areas, it is protected by security measures which are its primary concern.

Although it will depend on your primary server, its security will become better, and that it will provide true protection and peace of mind.

The attacks like SQL injections, page hijacking, and denial pages are the most common problem for some hosting companies.

However, these kinds of attacks can be prevented through the use of a series of firewalls and protocols that exist in the Content Development Network.

You will now have a website design that can quickly learn the attack it will meet.

You will be guaranteed that using this CDN will provide you 100 % protection to all online users.

New threats and attacks are created every day and it is how the webmasters understand these kinds of attacks from which the protection comes.

When your information has been attacked on a server, your data will not be corrupted and through its disaster recovery, you can quickly restore all of the information you have and remove the vicious malware attack.

In a world wherein you need to have quick access having a speedy website, is the key to success.

For those who have small operations the use of a Content Development Network is important.

However, it is a necessity when your traffic starts to increase. Most of the websites that really benefited a lot from this CDN includes the following:

  • Websites that have the ability to accommodate thousands of visitors every day
  • Some non-localized news services
  • Countrywide operations or global operations
  • Universities or colleges globally that target lots of students
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Automotive dealers
  • Mortgage Lenders
  • Financial institutions

A Content Development Network can offer you lots of distinct advantages when it comes to the performance of a great website design.

Between the distance being traveled and the resources being used, your visitor can now experience pages efficiently and quickly.

Therefore, if you are optimizing to boost the speed of your website, a CDN is best to consider if you want to have faster pages speeds for your website design.

Having a perfect website design and at the same time, faster speed page loading is truly a great advantage over other websites.

To experience the impressive benefits of Content Development Network, start using it so you can also save 60 % of bandwidth and the number of requests to your website.

Content development Network or the CDN is a great partner that will work well with your hosting files on all of the large network servers across the world.

Thus, you will be provided with real protection from attacks and spikes of traffic. It can also serve as a good asset to have the best website for your business.

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