Social Media Marketing vs. Traditional Media Marketing

Social media marketing revolves around efforts to create content that attracts visitors and encourage readers to share what they find with other social networks.

Electronic word of mouth is now here and refers to statements consumers share on the internet about events, products, services, brands, and companies.

When electronic word of mouth (eWoM) spreads to users, this information appears to come from trusted third party sources.

This is important for providers because the information is coming from eWoM instead of brand companies.

This is a form of media that is earned and not paid for.

Social networking websites create the opportunity to allow people to interact with each other and build relationships online.

Companies that join these networks allow opportunities for consumers to interact and communicate directly with consumers.

This is more of personal interaction for users rather than traditional forms of marketing.

Traditional methods primarily consist of outbound advertising and marketing.

Social networking sites allow companies to interact with their followers.

These personal interactions create a sense of loyalty to followers and potential customers.

Products can reach a narrow target audience by choosing whom they want to follow their sites.

Social networking sites provide a vast amount of information about products and services for new clients.

Marketers use a semantic analysis technology to find out what consumers are interested in.

This is done by surveys that consumers take when they are online.

This helps the marketers target their audiences through personal emails.

Although not all companies are credible, many companies that have brand logos are promoting products with a personal effect on potential consumers.

This analysis also helps providers of products to understand buying signals that help bring sales.

Marketers then run micro-targeted campaigns.

Mobile phones are very beneficial for social media marketing.

Mobile phones now have social networking capabilities because individuals can be notified of any new news on social networking sites via their cell phones.

This happens in real time, which means immediately in a matter of seconds.

The constant connection to social networking sites allows products and companies to continue to remind and update followers about capabilities, uses, and importance.

All cell phones are connected to social networking sites and advertisements are always popping up for potential customers.

Many companies are now using QR codes with their products to make it easier for individuals to access companies or any online service with a smartphone.

Traditional marketing techniques use print and television for advertising.

Now the internet has surpassed television as the largest advertising market.

Websites use banner s or pop-up ads.

Television commercials often end with someone speaking and asking viewers to check out their products on the web for more information.

Printed ads are using these QR codes that are in the shape of a box and can be scanned by cell phones and computers.

This allows viewers to be sent to websites to view the products.

Social media marketing is now the predominant advertiser.

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