12 Brochure Design Tips To Make A Better Brochure

Brochure design is about having both minimalist and streamlined elements that is something that we all look at most especially when we make a brochure or do something creative.

Something that looks messy, unorganized could never be called effective or professional because it would fail to attract the attention of other people.

The same goes along for the brochure design. If it looks cluttered and messy and is not neat, expects that no would dare to pick up your own brochure.

Even if someone would pick it up accidentally, they would not still bother reading it as the pictures and content would be scattered all over its pages without proper formatting.

In order to ensure that your own brochure design helps you look even more professional and gets your own market to get interested in your own products, there is a need to make it clean and at the same time give it a more professional look.

Brochure design tips that will help you create your own brochure effectively

1. Consider the Functionality

Keep in mind that small surprises for your own viewers could definitely make a great difference; even if it is as simple as you think your reader might not think so.

2. Think Simple as Possible

Simple brochure design could be very effective, and most of all it does not have to be boring. You could make the title of your brochure embossed in clean and simple typeface on a white background when doing your brochure printing. This will lead to an effect that is both modern and clean, and even though there is not too much contrast, that will still translate well. The embossing mainly adds a very interesting texture right to the brochure and could be carried all throughout the inside of the brochure design.

3. Keep it Linear

Bear in mind that brochures do not need to be a folded booklet that is bound at the center. In order to make a good brochure design; it should be used out in different ways. You can utilize a tri fold brochures shape because this lets you view your entire brochure as a whole, rather than flipping all throughout the different pages. This type of brochure style is very popular among businesses.

4. Create Impact Using Simple Shapes

Vector shapes are very effective and are made in order to look like callouts, thus provide fun effects on the brochures. Pop up colors against the background mainly help to bring the message straightforward as if it is calling out. Cuts in the brochure design could also create cool and amazing three-dimensional look, which in the first place adds an element of interest.

5. Be Creative Enough With Your Own Inserts

If you are planning to include some physical items right inside your brochure, you must display it in a more interesting way. You are not limited to a very simple sleeve in the back. For example, if you will include a business card, you can make a business card that pops out, inviting the viewers to take it. The pop out’s shape mainly gives interior dimension, which would otherwise be flat.

6. Reflect the Graphics Physically

You can make the elements in your brochure design to be reflected in the folds of the brochure’s paper. You may want to use the brightly colored shapes to become the pages that contain the information. This will make your own brochure cohesive as a whole. The elements should work together in order to create a very solid piece.

7. Incorporate the Shapes Properly

The brochure’s pages do not always need to be neither square nor rectangle. They could be hearts, triangles, circles, or whatever suits your own business. You can use circles that are folded in over each one another. This will create a very interesting action in your brochure design most especially when you move the pages in order to reveal the full design.

8. Think Outside of your Pamphlet Design

Stepping away from flat and pamphlet design like structures and moving into something three-dimensional and creative will definitely mean a lot. This engages your viewers and at the same time creates a long-lasting impression. In addition to that, the design could also spark numbers of different three-dimensional ideas for your own brochure.

9. Make Refined Adjustments

You can use a relatively standard format for your brochure design, but if you will make the corners of your brochure to a round edge, except that an added softness to its look will be achieved. Your brochure will appear even more comfortable and friendlier. A softer color along with warm imagery can really drive a friendly appearance.

10. Choose Your Materials Carefully

Depending on what your brochure is for, the materials that it will be printed on and used could relate very well. The recyclable materials will make your own business looks even more environment-friendly. Something industrial on the other hand will give a blue collar and entirely different feel. You can pair the recycled paper with bright green colors and this will give your own brochure design a more earthy feeling.

11. Make It More Fun and Exciting

You can have a unique illustrative style brochure with bright lines and colors to create a hip and young effect. On the first glance, the viewers may think that the objects are part of drawing in the brochure, but they could actually be removed and worn by the viewers, which in turn doubles as great advertising.

12. Break the Conventions

Typically, brochures are read left to right and top to bottom before moving into the next pages. Why not create a single page? Let the foldable ends create another page, which will let you utilize the inside for all the needed information and flaps for branding.

Many ways are there on how to make a great brochure design.

The above-mentioned ideas are some of the ways you can try to make your own outstanding brochure.

Make sure that your brochure will draw interest and not just simply use lots of different texts and images on the page.

Consider your readers and what they will they like to see. Keep all those tips in your mind and you will be sure to make a brochure that you can be very proud of.

Now that you have a brochure design inspiration start creating something amazing for your business or have the professional at HFB Advertising Design help you.

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