What Your Offline Branding Says About You

What Your Offline Branding Says About You

Having a strong brand is crucial to the success of any business. It helps establish your company as a trusted and respected entity while attracting more customers based on name and reputation alone.
In recent years, offline branding strategies have been mostly pushed aside by companies in favor of more modern online methods. However, these traditional methods remain one of the strongest and most influential forms of branding available today.
Here we’ll take a look at a number of offline strategies to increase your impact with customers by branding yourself and your business in fresh, creative ways.

1.) Use Promotional Merchandise
Usually we think of TV advertising, radio, and print ads when someone brings up offline marketing and branding. However, promotional products are proven to be particularly more effective than any of these other methods. This medium is the easiest and most cost-efficient way to keep your logo fresh in your customer’s minds.
the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) has found that promotional merchandise like pens, mugs, and flash drives show that they can deliver better ROI than other popular forms of offline branding.

Of the 517 responses received there were 254 female respondents and 263 male respondents. These individuals came from across a range of sectors including manufacturing, retail, IT, communications, media, finance and education. Job titles included Chairman/MD, manager, director, executive pa, and administrator.
Results showed that 56% of respondents said their opinion of the brand was more favorable after receiving the promotional product. Close to 66% of respondents said they could remember the brand on the promotional product they received during the last year. 79% said they were likely to do business with the company in the future and an impressive 84% said that a branded promotional gift increased brand awareness for them.

For the best results, use promotional merchandise that will be useful and valuable to your customers. A good example would be custom flash drives. The BPMA survey found that 45% of people would rather receive a flash drive over any other promotional product. This is because people use flash drives throughout their day to store homework, office documents and other media. It’s a valuable and modern commodity that people would appreciate and keep for the full life of the product. As a result, customers would be exposed to your logo and think higher of your brand because of it.

2.) Try Some Offline Networking
Try to network locally with other businesses and customers even if you’re primarily an international company. Make an effort to also occasionally do business in person rather than relying on email all the time. Skype calls and video chat are great ways to get around this, but nothing gives a genuine, personal touch like a good old-fashioned handshake.

Offline networking is a great way to develop long-lasting relationships with people and build a strong personal association with your brand. Meet with your leads for lunch or some other social event just to check up on how their doing and remind them to call you if they might need anything. They’ll definitely appreciate it and think of your brand the next time they need your particular services or products.

3.) Get Involved and Participate in Non-Profit Events
Try donating some of your services or products to help raise money for local charities or fundraising events. Make sure that you include your brand logo on each product or hand out promotional merchandise alongside your services. If your product is being offered as a contest prize, add some info with the product about how the recipient can learn more about your company and possible purchase some additional products from you in the future.

If you give your time and money to promote this non-profit events, your company brand name will be included in the programs and on their other promotional items like t-shirts and giveaway items. By doing participating with these local events, you’re not only helping the community, but adding value to your brand as well.

Vincent Clarke is an Inbound Marketing Specialist for USB Memory Direct, a wholesaler of custom USB drives. You can contact him on Twitter @_vhclarke or on the USB Memory Direct Facebook page.