The Importance of Social Media for consumers

This is the 21st century and advertising has gone global with the click of a mouse. The reason social media is important is because it’s an easier way to stay in touch with potential customers from around the world. The internet has become more user- friendly because you can just type in a small phrase and pages of websites will pop up so you can view the answer to any question you have. There is information on all businesses including their shipping costs, features, products, prices and free support offer from many advertisers. There is also information about the company like ratings and reviews and questions and answers boxes that help the client search for the right item needed.

Social Media is great for consumers because they can view many various brands and decide which one will fit their needs. Social media advertising has also created a great way for people to become loyal to their brand. Social media also is informative about which product to buy and one can purchase everything from electronics to houses on the internet. Companies have found creative ways by designing their websites with “catchy” logos that grab the consumer’s attention.

Christmas season is one of the busiest and most profitable times of year for commercial businesses that advertise using social media. Many consumers don’t like the crowds, the hassle of parking, cold weather and like to shop at home. They can shop from their laptops, tablets, smartphones and home pc’s with the convenience of never leaving home.

People from around the world can keep in touch using social media by using Facebook, which has become very popular. Facebook is continually changing and many companies also advertise on Facebook. Friends advertise events on Facebook and PayPal has designed a website for people that buy trade and sell on the web. PayPal even offers a debit/credit card for consumers for easy access to their money from work, sales, and purchases. PayPal also offers a shopping website where you can view thousands of products using PayPal’s social media websites.

Social media is also a great way to find old friends and new friends. Social media is a way for consumers to meet the public and the public to meet the consumers. Marriages result from dating sites, beautiful vacations are possible with online travel agencies that make it easier to book reservations for cars, hotels, and flights. One can book a flight, pay for their flight and download their boarding passes and scan their smartphones when passing through security.

Social media is also used for banking purposes, you can transfer money in seconds to different accounts, pay bills an even pay your babysitter by depositing money with your smartphone. Healthcare advertisers using social media and you can shop for doctor and dentists online. Social Media is important and is almost becoming a necessity for global transactions. Always remember to research any product that interests you and make sure the company is not fraudulent.

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