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11 Local SEO Tips for Search Engine Results

If you are in a small business that didn’t give much thought about how you can use local SEO, you are missing out on its potential. Improving your local search is an excellent way to get more customers and get new traffic to your site. A phone book is a great option but these days people turn to the internet when searching for a local business. But now all SEO is created equally 5 SEO Tips & Techniques to Avoid.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a process that can get your website more visible to customers that are searching for you. Google continues to have a better understanding of customers that are searching the internet. Committed to showing the local result for different locations with specific keyword terms and making local search the leading type for SEO. The point is, if you are a business that is servicing local customers or you have a physical address, you must optimize for local search.

What are the Benefits of Optimizing Local SEO for Search Engine Results?

Most businesses definitely don’t understand why it is important and it benefits to optimize your site for local search. Therefore, this will help you to increase your knowledge about the benefits regarding Local SEO:

  • Local SEO will increase search traffic from a geographic term.
  • This online marketing helps the business to increase search engines traffic based on map location for geographic relevant keywords. There are also similar between strategies that are used for Local and General SEO.
  • Local SEO is best when it comes to business because it can be established on a local operation in different places. National companies that don’t have local address cannot establish a local business presence.
  • By mobile phone application like Google maps are used by both ranking method and business database information that is used for local results for search engine results page, SERP. This is the most important thing for local business due to the number of local searches for service and retail business from a mobile phone that continues to grow every year.
  • With this search engines, Google is now integrated with the local search. The unification of social and local will remain, therefore; it is significant that business can establish their local presence on sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, and much more.

Local SEO has the ability to help a business to become more successful and at the same time, increase their sales by just optimizing their SEO.

What are the best Local SEO Tips for Search Engine Results?

Local search needs the same SEO work that is required for site pages, nevertheless, there are additional things that you can do to boost the appearance of your local search.

The following are Local SEO Tips for better Search Engine Results

  1. Put your business in Google Places

Create a Google Place account if you don’t have and spend time on filling out all of the information that is needed in creating an account. Include the product, coupons, videos, offering, and photos. Aside from that, create an account that is similar with Yahoo Local and Bing Local. Claiming the spot in Google Places enables the business to appear in Google+ Local Mobile searches.

  1. Optimize Geo-targeted keywords

Optimizing includes the meta tags, content, h1, h2, and the title.

  1. Include the Contact Us and About Us in your pages to target the local terms

Don’t forget to comprise the business contact information. If your business is a restaurant, you can also include the menu. Use this option as additional opportunities to strengthen your location presence.

  1. Get yourself evaluated

Shiny yellow stars and a good review is a huge advantage. Encourage reviews How Testimonials Are A Hidden Source Of Potential Customers If You Use Them Right through social media and mailing list. Give a promotional discount in return for a review or any other incentive.

  1. Have good looking social media accounts

Social media is the most frequently used to bridge a community and create a relationship; so naturally, this will go hand in hand with improving your local presence. Social media is shown to be as important in SERP rankings and making it an obvious option for any business looking to have an online presence.

  1. Creating different landing pages

If you have multiple locations, consider creating a landing page Landing Pages Are Important For SEO on each location as well as enhancing each page for accurate location keywords.

  1. Links from other associated local businesses

If you are in a business that sells dog toys, consider on linking a local dog shelter, or local bakery. By having these links to direct competitors you will be able to exchange information and links with different related business with helping your rankings.

  1. Be listed on directories

Being included on directories, it can improve your ranking and searchers will find your local business easier.

  1. Include HTML Tags

It can help you if you use the business address with this tag. Each citation that you get from a reputable site is in favor for you legitimacy.

< address >  business address goes here < /address >

  1. Build a mobile version of your site

People usually use a mobile device when searching for a local solution to solve their problem. With the growing prominence of smartphones, people search for solutions any time. Having a site that allows the user to access on a mobile device enables the customer to get the results they need.

  1. Old-school promotion

Purchasing an advertisement on bulletin boards and local papers use to make your business known to the community. By having a combination of old-school strategies and Local SEO will enhance the customer experience in finding your business more easily.

Optimizing for Local SEO plays an important role in reaching the success of a business. If you are a new or existing business, you must have a Local SEO strategy for your business to grow successfully. Here are some options for you to get started.

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