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what is seo

What is SEO?

Every time you do research on a search engine, it automatically provides you numerous amount of sites that you can certainly go to.

Have you ever wondered how a search engine decides which among the sites go first on the results that they provided you?

Why there are rankings that are higher than the other? Well, this is all because of SEO of search engine optimization. What is SEO anyway?

What is SEO: An In-Depth Look

Search engine optimization or SEO refers to the kind of technique, which in the first place helps the search engines such as Google find and at the same time rank a particular website higher than the other websites that you can find right on the internet.

Basically, it is optimizing either blogs or websites so when someone did research for a particular keyword right in the search engine, the site will definitely populate right at the top of the list.

For those who are asking what is SEO, it also means getting high traffic or even more people viewing a certain site.

How Does SEO work?

To answer the questions, “what is SEO?” and “how does it work?” here is how.

SEO is a kind of practice of improving both the external and internal aspect of any website in order to ensure its visibility in the search engines.

It is primarily achieved through optimizing the section in HTML coding of each and every page.

There are various ways on how a certain website must be optimized, thus it will still vary on how much the content, site, competition, and purpose is.

However, in general, the search optimization mainly depends on the proper use of keywords describing the website content.

The keywords should appear in the page’s title section. Aside from that, they should also appear in the section wherein the page is described accurately by the repeating keywords.

Always remember that each and every page of the title should utilize one or more unique keywords.

This is done only to ensure maximum search engine optimization. The keyword use is very significant to SEO mainly because it is among the many elements that drive traffic to the site.

To understand what SEO is and how it functions, one should know that the most significant keywords should be utilized substantially right in the first two paragraphs of the page’s content and must be sprinkled all throughout the body.

Another technique in helping the search engine optimization to work is through naming the image files as well as anchors with the keywords. The anchors are the references to other pages right within the site.

are commonly called as cross-links.

In this world of what is SEO all about, websites look for SEO, thus leading to the increase in the rank on the different search engines.

Through this process, creating visibility of a web page or website is not a big deal anymore.

In this age of marketing via online and knowing the different types of SEO, you will surely get to know how the search engines really function.

Let us see, how many types of SEO are there.

White Hat SEO

This type of SEO primarily utilizes techniques as well as guidelines of the search engine.

This is where the contents uploaded on a particular site must have the relevant headlines and tags, thus allow the site visitors to return to the site consistently.

Moreover, this type of SEO is more like creating content for the site even though it may be a slow process, yet it increases the site’s ranking.

Black Hat SEO

This type of SEO refers to the aggressive manner of using various types of SEO strategies to avoid, focusing on the website rather than the human audiences.

Usually, it does not obey the guidelines or even the rules of the search engine.

This is mostly used by people who are in search for much quicker financial return right on the website.

The processes involved might be quick, but not long lasting as compared to White Hat SEO.

Grey Hat SEO

As its name suggests, this type of SEO comes between the White and Black type.

It mainly utilizes techniques including article spinning, link exchange, buying expired domains, buying old domains as well as Google Bombing.

Those who are asking “what is SEO?” perhaps have an idea what it is all about and now wondering the great benefits that they will get from it.

Here are some of the major benefits of using SEO.

Brand Awareness

Knowing that the top position rankings lead to relevant impressions, having the website in the top positions right on the results page will definitely translate it into much more exposure for the site.

Cost Effectiveness

SEO is considered as among the most cost-effective strategies mainly because it mainly targets the users who are looking for products and services online.

The inbound nature of SEO helps the businesses to save money as opposed to the outbound strategies such as cold-calling.


SEO provides both quantifiable and trackable results so there are no qualms in terms of ROI.

The SEO agencies have what it takes to track every aspect of the strategy such as increases in rankings, conversions, and traffic.

Increased Traffic

The top positions on search engine results pages mainly receive the majority of the clicks and impressions.

This is the main reason why the top positions can lead to relevant traffic increases for the site.

Increased Site Usability

The effort to make a site much easier to navigate for search engines, SEO helps to make the sites even more navigable for all the users.

SEO comprises of reorganizing the site’s architecture alongside links in order to make each and every page within the site easier and convenient to locate and navigate.

Is your question “what is SEO?” properly answered?

If so, you now have wider and deeper understanding what it can do for your site.

We are now living in the society where everything is run by technology.

If you have a website, you can definitely take advantage of the great benefits SEO can give you.

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