While some websites are doing what they are supposed to be doing others are just not performing the way websites are supposed to perform. Back in the day the rave was flash animation that every website was to integrate some sort of animation into the website. Today animation will hurt your website performance and slow it down the load time which translates into loss of customers. So get rid of all hard animation to shorten your load time. Check out Google webmaster tools for site performance.

Make sure your industry specific words are not used because most people won’t understand it. Write using common basic words that everyone will understand and everyone will be able to understand your product.

When it comes to creating images don’t use large images or so many on one page to tell your company story. Keep images small and sweet. If you have a e-commerce website make the images small as possible .gif or .png is best  and use a pop-up window to enlarge your product image. Keeping images as small possible will load your page faster so customers won’t leave your website.

Providing a contact form is great but it also welcomes spammers and robots. To get around this there are great free CAPTCHA tools that will block spammers and robots. Keep your form to a minimum. Get the most important information that is needed so your customers can be on their way. Always use a thank you page and a time when you will respond to the inquires.

Adding a blog to your website is a great move to improve on your search engine optimization results. A lot of hosting companies provide free of charge  fantastico. It is a script that will automatically integrate a blog within your website so you will get great search optimization results and performance. Check with your webmaster to see if you have this option.  A stand alone blog is OK but to get the most integrate it to your website for a performance and lead generation boost.

Today most websites are left alone but for social media is screaming at your website. Incorporate basic tools like the Facebook “like” button on your website. The more people that “like” your website or product page the faster you will climb to the top of the search engine results page.

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