Content on the web is not so relevant anymore to your search results

Have you noticed that searching the web using your favorite search engine for something and you click the link the content is out dated. Yes we have noticed that too. Is this going to be a problem as we head into the future with out dated search results with old content. Remember content is kind so everyone puts out a blog, wiki page, and article for the sake of it to be found on the web. Its OK if you love to write or hire a writer but why do we need to update content all the time to be found in search results. We may know why…two MIT engineers came up with algorithms that need words to produce results. How about the rest of the world who like visual things. Weren’t we all taught that visual is better than words. It sticks to our brain better and that’s why we need graphic designers, advertising designers, website designers to come up with cool campaigns and graphics. Well who knows.