3 Top Tips for Planning a Business Marketing Event

3 Top Tips for Planning a Business Marketing Event

Planning a marketing event is no small task. Therefore an article with three tips is going to help you about as much as a parrot helps a deaf man. Instead, this article has three nests of tips, with each one revolving around a certain aspect of your marketing event. Tip number one considers the things you must do in order to gain a good reception for your company and products. The second nest of tip revolves around the customers themselves, and the third is all about making a lasting impression on your guests.

Tip 1

  • Ÿ  Consider paying a professional party planner
  • Ÿ  I cannot look cheap, shoddy or unprofessional
  • Ÿ  Put your guests first and your products second

The choice of event is up to you, but no matter what, it needs to look professional and very well organized. There is no room for maneuver on this subject, because if it does not look perfect–it looks wrong. It is up to you to make sure that there is nothing noticeably wrong. Sadly, this is one of those occasions when if you do it right then nobody will notice, but if you do it wrong then you look foolish. With this being the case, it may be wise to employ a professional party or event planner. They will organize and arrange the event to be sure it goes off without a hitch; it may be better than the possibility of making a fool of yourself. This is especially true if your clients are high earners, because even your best efforts will probably fail.

No matter what happens–you must put your clients before your products. If you have called people to your event and you have taken some of their time then you cannot be selfish. If you are–then you will never see those people again, and your good name will be tarnished for a long time. You must put your clients and customers first, and make them love you, before you try to make them love your products.

Tip 2

  • Ÿ  Make sure you invite the right people
  • Ÿ  Make sure you are doing something that your clients will enjoy
  • Ÿ  Make a big deal about it on the run up to the event
  • Ÿ  Grab their attention at least three times

Getting the right people there is key to the success of your marketing event. What is the point of blowing the budget if you are not going to maximize your potential return for it? Also, if you get the right people there then it will appear like your event has been a success, and it will increase your credibility with your clients. Above all you must ensure that your clients have a good time, which means you will have to arrange events that they are going to enjoy. If you make a big deal to your clients about the event on the run up to it then they will be more likely to attend. You may not sell your products to them at the event, but you must aim to grab their attention at least three times during the course of the event.

Tip 3

  • Ÿ  Give them something to remember you by
  • Ÿ  Make sure the gifts you give free are worth something

If they walk away without buying then make sure they take some gifts with them, but do not be tempted to give them silly or cheap gifts. If something is cheap or tacky then it is just as useless to them as it is to you. Do not just give them a pen with your company name on. Give them a box of pens so they can use them at work. Do not just give them a bottle of wine; have your name printed on the labels. Do not just give them USB flash drives; give them high quality, large memory, ultra secure ones. A free gift is only worth as much as you are willing to pay for it. When was the last time you kept another companies key ring?

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