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Landing Pages Are Important For SEO

Landing pages are important for SEO and creation for those who wish to have better conversion rates. Converting traffic into legitimate leads is one of the most important aspects when attempting to conduct business online. In such a vast and crowded marketplace, it is difficult to stand out, especially if your site does not have the landing pages that you need.

Even if your site already has landing pages set up, there is always a requirement for more. You can never have too many pages established. Research has shown that companies’ leads increase once they have a certain number of pages on their site. If a company only has between one and five landing pages, then they do not see an increase in leads from adding a few extra pages.

However, companies that start off with at least ten landing pages are able to see a sizable uptick in lead production when they take the next step and establish 15 landing pages. The study also showed that businesses that set up 40 landing pages posted even better numbers than those with less. Unbounce is a great place to start adding some.

It’s simple mathematics: more pages equal more opportunities for conversions. Additional pages also have a positive impact on search engine optimization, as they make it easier for Web browsers to not only come across your website but remain there until you’ve had the chance to impart your message.

Creating a multitude of landing pages with various messages allows the site master to tailor their message to several different client base. After all, variety is considered to be the spice of life, right? If a potential customer finds their way to your pages and there are only 5 or 10 offers available to them, they may just move on without giving your goods and services any further consideration.

The more offers you provide, the better your chances of conversion. Landing pages are also needed for marketing material purposes. They are the lifeblood of any inbound marketing tactic. Without the proper pages, a website has no place to display their call to action and no ability to be discovered by curious browsers.

Varied pages enable sites’ ability to target different segments of the population. When creating 40 landing pages, it is crucial to remember the importance of changing the message, depending on what population segment you are speaking to. This information is based on a very rudimentary principle: the more shots you take, the more shots you make.

You need pages for better conversions so that you can increase your chances of reaching a well-rounded group of consumers. The more landing pages that you are able to establish, all with original and interesting content, the better your conversion rate will be.

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